1 - I plan to work with local governments to invest TIF money towards job creation

2 - We must restore the health ofout streams, rivers and lakes to create beautiful recreational opportunities and tourist attractions.

3 - The legislature must invest in renewable energy technologies instead of fighting it.

4 - I believe we must increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020.

5 - The law must allow microbreweries to distill their own kegs and bottled beer to expand their  businesses, thus breaking the big beer monopoly.

6 - We must remodel our Wisconsin waysides to include food courts and tourism items to help pay for our transportation needs.

7 - Employers should be required simple paper applications to make the job seeking process easier


1 - Tax bnenefits should be given to businesses that hire workers, provide family supporting wages and purchase American made products and machinery.

2 - Remove the tax on bio-diesel fuels that are not for resale - the kind used by farmers or individuals.

3 - Tax fracking operations if they take our resources out of Wisconsin to sell.


1 - Explore alternative funding formulas for pre-K, and K-12 schools other than property taxes.

2 - Taxes must be given strictly to the public school system.

3 - Restore funding to our technical colleges

4 - Fund research for the UW system

5 - The UW system and tech schools should be tuition free for the first two years

6 - To incentivize our K-12 teachers to become better, we should offer them a 10% pay increase when they receive their masters degree

7 - We need to develop a school year calendar that helps our kids retain more information.


1 - I want to strengthen BadgerCare for farm families, the poor, and low income workers.  BadgerCare should be open to those who want to buy into it.

2 - Fund Planned Parenthood so low-income women and their families can receive vital health care services and screenings

3 - Provide funding for SeniorCare, Wisconsin's cost-effective alternative Medicare Part D


1 - We need to restore integrity, accountability, and transparency to Wisconsin's political process by keeping the non-partisan Government Accountability Board intact, and not populate it with partisan appointees.

2 - I want to eliminate the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation which has become a money laundering service for special interests.

3 - I believe that we should legalize the sale of recreational marijuana.

4 - We must earmark highway wayside money to pay rather than borrowing $850 million in bonds.

5 - I'm pro-life.  I say this as a father of five, and a grandfather of six.

6 - I'm a Pro-2nd Amendment.


Authorized and Paid for by Scott Michalak for Assembly, Tara Michalak - Treasurer

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We can only vaguely imagine what our state's economic scenario will be in 20 to 50 years.  However it is plain to see that thanks to robots, automation and computerization, our society is quickly moving away from manufacturing and working with their hands.  For example, automous (driverless) cars and trucks will be on the road within two years.  It will radically change the face of transportation and even the need for drivers throughout the next decade.

If you were around in 1975, you know it was a vastly different world than today.  For example, rather dumb computers by today's standards computers occupied an entire room, had cards with holes punched in the inserted to enter data.  The computers were so big had doors to get inside of them.  Your smart phone has more power than a computer from the '70's.  Now try to imagine what type of world we will occupy in 40 years.  That's what we have to prepare for, because things will change just as much if not more than they did in the past 40 years.

For our children and their children to have any kind of successful future in a quickly changing physical and technological environment, we need to have a first rate school system that not only emphasizes IT, math and science, but the arts.  Art and sciences work in tandem to


achieve even greater advances for Wisconsin.  Everything we use, someone had imagine the final design.  And people enjoy their entertainment - someone has to create that.  

Wisconsin cannot continue to starve our schools and give tax dollars away to failing private and charter schools as rewards to political contributors.  It cannot afford to create divisions between our teachers and communities.  We're already starting to feel the consequences.  If we are going to be prepared for the future - which is now - we must guarantee a first class education to everyone.