The people our district, our state, and our nation must make a fundamental decision. Do we fight for an agenda that creates jobs, raises wages and protects the environment?  Or do we continue to react to the side show of minor issues designed to distract and divide us, while we continue to lose our freedoms, our money, and most importantly our time here on Earth?   This presents the great moral issue of our time.  It is no great secret that the wealthiest individuals silently control our society, either directly or through legislators and judges whom are financially beholden to them.  Ask yourself, "Do you want to be part of a game of Monopoly, where eventually just one wealthy individual controls the board?" We're almost there. For most of us it's gradually getting harder every day just to get by.

Your freedom of speech shouldn't mean the freedom to buy our politicians. Many of our politicians have been corrupted by campaign contributions in exchange for their political influence.  The result - you have less money and a lousier life because the wealthiest are getting all the monetary breaks, while the average person fights for financial crumbs. It's part of their wedge issue divide and conquer strategy.

I'm Scott Michalak, a Democrat running for Wisconsin's 38th Assembly District.  If we're going to win and start changing our state, I will need your time, financial support, and your vote.  Together, we can take back Wisconsin, and it starts with this election.


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Joel Kleefisch sponsored 2015 AB 501, a bill designed to circumvent the Advisory Council system our state has used for half a century and that sought to cut the statute of limitations in work comp cases by over 80%, and would have required some injured workers to lose their right to chose their medical care, and instead see only the doctors their employers ordered them to see. Worse yet, Kleefisch sought to allow employers to to allege that an injury was caused by the worker's 'fault', and then reduce the injured benefits proportionately...which would have been the first ever introduction of "fault" into our century old "no-fault" work comp system. I reject this terrible attempt to change one of the highest and best regarded work comp systems in the USA.


JOEL CAUGHT not only casting his own vote, but pressing another Assembly Reps voting button

Meet Our Current Representative,

Joel Kleefisch